English Language and Linguistics

Welcome to the course page for the BA English Language and Linguistics. You can find a few details on our first-year modules below.

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First Year Modules 2017-18

English Language and Linguistics Tutorial 1

This is a module where teaching and learning takes place in small groups, with students meeting their tutor on a regular basis. The content of the tutorials will be tailored to the particular needs of the students in a tutorial, and will help to develop study skills and prepare for the end of year essay. Assessment: 100% Coursework

Words, Meaning and Text

In this module we begin by looking at how the English language works and ensuring you feel confident about using relevant terminology before going on to examine how words change over time, how the language borrows words from other languages, how words are related to each other, and how sentences work to create a coherent text. Assessment: 50% coursework; 50% Examination.

Useful preliminary reading:
H. Jackson, H. & E. Zé Amvela (2007). Words, Meaning and Vocabulary. London: Continuum.

Exploring Language

This module provides a core introduction to the study of language in general, Linguistics. We give you a small introduction to key areas of Linguistics before focusing on language as a formal system and language as behaviour, all the time considering what languages have in common and in what ways they vary. Assessment: 50% coursework; 50% Examination.

Useful preliminary reading:
V. Fromkin, R. Rodman and N. Hyams (2014) An introduction to Language. 10th edition. Boston, Mass: Thomson Heine.

Language and Text (option)

On this optional module we explore connections between language study and literary interpretation through the detailed analysis of authorial choice of lexis, phonology and meaning, regular metres and lineation, narrative point of view, the use of deixis, modality and attitude and the pragmatic analysis of dramatic dialogue. Assessment: 100% Coursework

Useful preliminary reading:
M. Toolan (1998) Language in Literature: An Introduction to Stylistics. London: Arnold.

Language Myths (option)

This introductory module critically examines a number of popular fallacies about language and specific languages through a careful examination of facts and data. Assessment: 100% Coursework

Useful preliminary reading:
L. Bauer and P. Trudgill (1998) Language Myths. London: Penguin.