Applying to Westminster through clearing

In June, I officially finished my second year as an English Literature undergraduate at the University of Westminster. Of course, on results day, I was nervously refreshing the page, waiting for my results to come out as quickly as possible. And that’s not the first time I did that. Two years ago, I was doing the exact same thing as I impatiently waited for my A Level results to show up on the page. I was so nervous, and even after I got my results, the nerves were still there as I didn’t really know what was about to happen next. I saw the BCC on the page and I was happy. I just passed my A Levels with grades that were pretty decent.

Now, I had my place at university in Manchester and that conditional offer just had to be accepted. But something was playing on my mind. I remember sitting next to my Mum and saying “What if I went to university in London?” I’m from Manchester and had been living in Manchester all my life. But I wanted a change. I wanted to have new experiences and I wanted to meet new people. As my Dad was already in London at the time, everything slowly began to fit into place.

“What if I went to university in London?”

I discussed it with both my parents and they were extremely supportive. I then had a good think and knew that this was what I wanted. My mind had been made; I was to go to university in London.

As I’d never seriously thought of leaving Manchester for university before that day, I didn’t really know that much about universities in London. However, I did know about one. A family friend had recommended the University of Westminster to me and had told me it was a great place.

A family friend had recommended the University of Westminster to me and had told me it was a great place.

So, that same day, I did a quick search for English Literature at Westminster and once I was happy with what I saw, I rang the Westminster clearing hotline. I explained my situation, shared my grades and was given instructions on what to do next. Following those instructions, I then applied to study English Literature at the University of Westminster through UCAS and that was that. Within a couple of weeks, I’d got my place at university and was already planning all the things I’d have to do in London. It really was that easy.

That “what if” turned in to “I am” and here I am years 2 later, with only a year left until I get my degree. And it all happened through clearing. It all worked out for the best and now I can’t imagine being anywhere else; the University of Westminster plays a huge part in my life now.

If you’re thinking of applying to Westminster through clearing too, (and I highly recommend it!), give us a call on the clearing hotline and we’ll be more than happy to have a chat and maybe even offer you a place. If that’s the case, then we’ll see you in September!

By Humaira Iqbal, BA English Literature


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